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What iPhone Do I Have?


If you have an iPhone, you probably don’t know which model it is. To determine your model, you must first know what year your iPhone was released. Then, you need to know what type of screen it has. iPhones come in a variety of sizes and displays. For example, the iPhone 5 has a 4in display, and the iPhone 5c is a 4.7in iPhone. The next iPhone models are the iPhone 6 and 6s, and the iPhone 7 and 8 Plus both have a 5.5in screen. The iPhone XS and iPhone 11 Pro are both 5.8in displays, and they all feature Touch ID.

iPhone model number

To find out your iPhone model number, you can open the Settings app and go to General. Then, scroll down to ‘About’ and find ‘Model Number’. This information will be listed in a small font, and will begin with an ‘M’ or ‘N’. You’ll need to use a magnifying glass to see the number properly.

Once you know the model number, you can determine which country you bought the phone in. This information can be useful for warranty purposes. For example, not all iPhones support the same cellular bands. US iPhones support 5G standards, while models in other countries are limited to mmWave or sub-6 GHz. Some regions disable certain features, including FaceTime Audio. Others have restrictions, such as requiring specific apps to be preinstalled.

The model number is also helpful for purchasing accessories for your iPhone. The model number will tell you if your phone is an original retail unit, refurbished or replacement unit, or personalized with Apple engraving. It’s located in small letters on the back of the iPhone 7 and earlier. If you want to find out more about your phone’s model, you can check the iPhone Wiki.

If you’re selling your iPhone, you can find out its model number by looking at the back of it. All models of the iPhone start with the letter “A.” You can also find the model number by looking at the software settings on your phone. This will help you compare your phone with another one or to sell it later on. The iPhone model number is a crucial part of your phone’s history and can help you find a buyer.

The model numbers for iPhones have changed over the years. iPhones now have curved edges and aluminum backs. The iPhone 6s has an aluminum back and rounded edges. The iPhone 6s has an “S” under “iPhone” while the iPhone 6s Plus has a laser-cut “S” underneath “iPhone.”

Typically, the model number is located under “Model” in the Settings app. It starts with a variable first letter that represents the device’s origin and ends with four numbers from “A” to “Z.” The model number may also include a slash (/) followed by a character.

iPhone models are also distinguished by their size, shape, and camera position. The iPhone 11 Pro has 11 speaker holes and the iPhone XR has a notch. iPhone model numbers are stamped on the back and on the SIM card tray. They differ slightly from each other in design, but they are almost identical.

The model number for older iPhones is typically printed on the back panel. The first character of iPhone model numbers is “A”, which represents the device’s manufacturer. The model number is required to make sure you have the right iPhone for your particular model. However, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus and iPhone X do not have a back panel that displays the model number.

iPhone model name

Apple gives each iPhone a model name and another alphanumeric number to differentiate between its different models. This model name can be found in Settings, under the Device Info section. If you’re using an older version of iOS, go to Settings, General, About, and tap “Device Info.” You’ll see the model name and model number below the AppleCare coverage status and storage capacity.

This information can be helpful if you’re unsure of the country you purchased your iPhone in. While all iPhones work the same way in terms of technical features, there may be significant differences between iPhones in various regions. For example, not all iPhones support the same cellular bands. US models support mmWave and sub-6 GHz, while international models do not. Additionally, some regions disable certain features (such as FaceTime Audio) and insist on preinstalled versions of certain apps.

iPhones have over a dozen models. Different models come with different colors, sizes, and screen types. As a result, it can be difficult to figure out which one you have. However, if you know the model name, you can easily identify your phone without having to turn it on. Simply open up Settings and tap “About” to find out the model name.

If you’re using an older iPhone, you may not have a visible Model Name or Model Number on the back of your phone. However, if you have an iOS 12.2 or higher phone, you can still find out the model name using the Model Number and Model Name. You should be able to find your iPhone’s model name with a little bit of research.

The iPhone model name is an important piece of information about your phone. It will help you distinguish between iPhones of different generations. For example, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 are identical except for the screen size. They are also quite similar, with the iPhone 7 Mini having antenna bands on the top and bottom back edges.

The iPhone 6s Plus has a similar look to the iPhone 6 but features a rounded frame and aluminum back. The iPhone 6s Plus are similar but can be distinguished by a laser-cut letter S in the middle of the “iPhone” on the back. This is a common way to distinguish between iPhone 6s models.

As the iPhone gets older, some applications won’t work properly. The YouTube app is one of the most common examples of this problem, but there are other apps that won’t run on older iPhone models. Some older models of the iPhone don’t even support the latest version of iOS. Another example is the Whats app, which will be removed from iPhone 4 models by January 2020.

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