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How to Show Clock on Desktop

If you are looking for a customizable desktop clock, you’ve come to the right place. You can install a clock widget from the free Sense Desktop app, download 8GadgetPack, or use Yahoo Widgets to display a clock on your desktop. Once installed, you can customize the desktop clock according to your preferences.

Free clock widgets

Clock widgets are a simple yet effective way to keep track of the time. Usually, they display a digital clock with circular progress bars representing seconds, minutes, and hours. In addition, they usually include the date. You can also adjust the size and color of the clock to fit your needs. Some widgets also have additional features, such as an alarm or a week-ahead forecast.

For those of you who don’t have a clock widget installed on your computer, there are plenty of third-party programs that allow you to do so. For instance, there is DesktopClock, which is free, as is 8GadgetPack. And if you aren’t satisfied with the default clock in Windows 10, there is Clock!, which comes with over 50 different themes.

If you want a more classic analog clock, you can download the ClocX clock widget for Windows 10. This free Windows 10 clock widget is designed to look just like a classic analog clock. Once installed, it will appear in your system tray, where you can configure its appearance and behavior. You can also make the widget moveable or unmovable – whichever you prefer.

Another free clock widget for Windows is the DS Clock. Designed for Windows users, this clock widget is compatible with Windows 10 and 11. It comes with a variety of interesting features. For example, you can customize the clock’s appearance by right-clicking on it, and there’s a handy right-click context menu that lets you change the format and label a new time zone. In addition, the clock widget supports custom colors, transparent backgrounds, and a number of themes.

The Elegant Clock is another useful clock widget. This widget also displays the date and time. It comes with dark and light versions. It is a great choice for the desktop. There’s an option to hide it under desktop icons.

Sense Desktop

Sense Desktop is an application for Windows and other platforms that shows the current time, weather, and news. With over 988 downloads, this is one of the best applications on the market today. The developer of the application is Stedysoft. There are also a number of skins available to personalize the clock.

To customize the clock, select the style you’d like and then press the arrow buttons to cycle through them. The clock gadget will appear in a secondary monitor at first, but it’s easily repositioned to the primary one. Using the options button, you can also change the time zone to your preferred time zone. There are eight different clock styles to choose from.

Sense Desktop’s intuitive interface makes it easy to use. It also supports drag and drop, allowing you to place it anywhere on your desktop. It is customizable and can display weather information, including local temperatures. Moreover, you can change its format and theme. Additionally, you can change the opacity of the widget. The widget also allows you to view the weather forecast for the day.

Another option is to disable system icons, which will free up space on the taskbar and allow the clock to appear on the desktop. This will enable the clock to return to its proper position. You can also close unnecessary applications to free up space. Once you’ve done this, right-click on the taskbar and uncheck the “Lock the Taskbar” option. Next, hover your cursor over the upper taskbar and look for the “extender” icon. Then, drag the mouse upwards to expand the taskbar.


The 8GadgetPack is a collection of gadgets for Windows 10 that were made when gadgets were discontinued on Windows 8. It has several useful gadgets including a clipboard manager that improves productivity and a sidebar that makes the gadgets visible even while you are working in a maximized window. It also includes an analog clock and system-information gadgets.

The clock gadget in the gadgets library can be customized and displayed in different ways. For example, you can set the hours to be displayed as a digital clock, or have a second hand and change the names of the different components. You can also remove the gadget from your desktop by opening the gadgets library.

The 8GadgetPack application will integrate itself into your desktop’s context menu and Control Panel. All you have to do is right-click your desktop and click Gadgets to hide or show gadgets. Once you’ve installed the application, you can customize the gadgets to your liking by changing their sizes. Alternatively, you can disable or uninstall them all.

The 8GadgetPack application is free to download and install. The installer of the software will provide a list of all the components of the application. When installed, the program will install all the desktop widgets for Windows 10 that are compatible with the current operating system. If you’re unfamiliar with the process of installing and uninstalling gadgets in Windows 10, you can visit the developer’s official website to learn more about the program and download it.

Another important update to 8GadgetPack is its increased multi-monitor support. The latest version of the application fixes high-dpi problems and makes the gadgets compatible with the new Win10 taskbar. This update also includes improvements to the window-manager in the sidebar. Furthermore, you can now hover over a thumbnail to peek into its window.

Yahoo Widgets

Using Yahoo Widgets to display a clock on your desktop is an easy way to get a visual of the current time. You can position the widget on your desktop wherever you want it. It has a variety of options including rotation and resizing. It also supports multiple alarms.

Yahoo Widgets are powered by the Yahoo widget engine, which provides a very flexible application programming interface (API). You can integrate various features and functionality into your widget, including images, text-areas, timers, and access to system-level functions. The Widget engine allows developers to use web-standard javascript to create widgets that are easy to use.

Using Yahoo Widgets to display a clock on desktop is a convenient way to view current weather and news updates. Yahoo Widgets also allow users to personalize their widgets with skins. Many of the widgets also include features for Alt-Tab menu access and help with configuration. Yahoo Widget 4 automatically inserts itself into the start-up program, making it a useful download for any user of the Yahoo service.

Portable App’s world clock app

Portable App’s world clock app allows you to see the clock on desktop. It features a number of useful features, including a calendar, alarms, time synchronization, world map, and sunrise and sunset times. The app can be customized to match your desktop style. You can also download different skin packs for the app or create your own.

The app also lets you view time in different time zones. You can choose the time format in which you would like the clock to display and can change the time to a specific time zone. It can also display local time, the work week, and the current date on separate lines. You can also customize the appearance of the clocks, including the second hand.

Portable App’s world clock app shows clock in desktop: you can see the time in different time zones from all over the world, and you can even customize it. You can set different time zones and time zone offsets, change the font size, and customize the color of the clock. The app requires an internet connection to function, but it offers many useful features.

Portable App’s world clock app shows clock in desktop: The world clock app is also available on pen drives and flash drives, which make it convenient to use Windows on the go. Portable App’s world clock app is a great way to bring a world timer with you on the go. To open the app, click the Start menu and click on the clock icon. Alternatively, you can use a desktop widget.

Portable App’s world clock app offers over 200 world times and time zones. It supports UTC-12 to UTC+14 time zones. Its customizable interface lets you organize the clocks, assign colors and labels, and hide those that you rarely use.

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