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How to Remove Unnecessary Apps From Your PC

If you use Windows, you should periodically clean your system by uninstalling unused programs. These programs are called zombie apps and may pose a security risk if they remain on your system for a long time. Uninstalling them will free up valuable disk space. Besides, removing them will keep your system free of bundled junk.


PowerShell is an open-source command-line interface that allows you to hide and remove unnecessary apps from your PC. PowerShell is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux and is an excellent way to keep your PC free of unwanted programs. It is a little tricky to learn, so be prepared to spend some time fiddling around until you find what you’re looking for.

The first thing you’ll need to do is grant yourself administrative rights to run PowerShell. To grant yourself this right, open the PowerShell tool and run it as an administrator. You’ll be prompted by a UAC notification to confirm your action. Then, type the full package name of the app that you want to remove. You’ll find it in the list of installed programs.

You can also use PowerShell to uninstall Windows store apps. However, this method won’t permanently remove the apps from the Windows 10 OS image. It will remove them from the current user’s account, but not from all accounts. Consequently, you can always reinstall them later. If you’re unsure whether you want to permanently remove an app, you can always use PowerShell.

Another great feature of PowerShell is that it automates the removal of bloatware and associated Windows Registry entries. In this way, you’ll save time by not having to manually remove the apps one by one. You can also manually remove the apps once you’ve run the script, but this can be time consuming.

Once you’ve successfully run the script, you’ll see the results of your work in the PowerShell window. These tools are an excellent way to free up storage space and expand your PC’s capacity. Play around with these tools to see what they can do for you. And don’t forget to have fun!


CCleaner is a tool that can remove unnecessary programs and clean up the windows registry. It is a favorite of computer savvy technicians and users. This software can clean up your PC and boost its performance. It is able to identify and remove bloatware, defragment your hard drive, free up trapped memory, and optimize hidden internet settings.

CCleaner also has built-in options for uninstalling programs. To uninstall a program, go to Settings -> System -> Storage. Another useful tool is the Task Manager, which you can access by pressing shortcuts or right-clicking the Taskbar. This program shows all the programs running in the background, including those that are unnecessary.

Another feature of CCleaner is its ability to delete files. Depending on your settings, this tool can delete files and other items from your PC. However, do not expect a significant speed boost. Deleting files won’t make your computer faster, but it will free up hard drive space. Microsoft has also added a feature called Storage Sense, which automatically removes files older than 30 days.

CCleaner is a free program that works by cleaning your PC of unwanted files and programs. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use, and it has a variety of customization options for your needs. As a bonus, it is also a good choice for computer users who are looking for a fast and efficient system.

CCleaner also promises to protect your privacy. This is a positive, but the software can also harm your computer if you allow it to track your activity. While CCleaner removes unnecessary apps from PC, it does not remove malicious software. It’s essential to make sure your system is protected and running smoothly.

Windows 10Debloater

If you want to remove bloatware from your Windows 10 PC, you can use Windows 10Debloater. It is a free tool that helps you get rid of junk apps that clog up your PC. The bloatware removal tool allows you to delete apps from your PC, including bundled junk and Windows 10 applications that are impossible to uninstall. It also allows you to customize the buttons it uses to help you do the job.

Windows 10 Debloater can also help you clean up new installations of Windows. You can run it before Sysprep or before you create deployment images. It also allows you to customize the list of unwanted programs. You can check or uncheck the boxes to choose the ones you want to remove.

To use this tool, you must run it as an administrator. Once you have done that, the tool will display a list of installed Bloatware. You can identify the Bloatware by its package ID. If you don’t know the name of the package, you can highlight it with your mouse or copy it using your keyboard.

Bloatware is software that makes your PC more difficult to use and slow. While most of the applications on your PC are legitimate, some are not. Some are paid by manufacturers. Others might be malicious and spy on your activities. So, removing these unwanted apps is essential. It’s important to choose a tool that’s compatible with your device to get rid of bloatware from your PC.


It is possible to remove uTorrent and other unnecessary apps from PC by disabling the app’s hidden data on the c-drive. However, this requires the user to enable the’show hidden files and folders’ option on their PC. Once the program is disabled, users can then remove its shortcut from the Start menu.

Firstly, open the Control Panel and choose the “Folder Explorer Options”. Click “Show hidden files and folders” and then click “Show hidden files and folders”. If you haven’t already done this, press Windows Key+E on your keyboard to launch Windows File Explorer.

To uninstall uTorrent from your PC, first log into your computer using an administrative account. Then, open Task Manager and locate uTorrent in the list. Once the window is opened, select uTorrent and click ‘Change/Uninstall’. If you are experiencing problems closing uTorrent, you may need to restart the PC in Safe Mode.

Moreover, users should also uninstall cryptominers, which use up a significant portion of a computer’s resources to mine cryptocurrency. As a result, they drastically slow down the PC. In 2015, uTorrent bundled the Epic Scale cryptominer into version 3.4.2, which mined Litecoin. This software was installed without users’ knowledge. However, Epic Scale later cancelled the deal with uTorrent, saying that the software is proprietary.

Downloading torrents is risky. It exposes your IP address to copyright trolls, who can threaten you with legal action through your ISP. Besides, torrenting can spread malware. Furthermore, uTorrent has added malware blocking features in its premium products. It is best to remove these files from your PC as soon as possible.

removing bloatware

When you buy a computer, you might be greeted with a ton of pre-installed software. This is called bloatware, and it is often a security risk. Computer manufacturers and vendors often install bloatware on new systems to make money and provide extra features. If you want to remove this bloatware from your PC, you can use a software tool called Decrap. This tool scans your computer for pre-installed programs and displays a list of programs that need to be uninstalled. If you find this to be the case, you can choose to uninstall the programs in Manual or Automatic mode.

In some cases, bloatware is a result of user behavior. For instance, a web browser may automatically install cookies that track your online activities. These cookies may send information back to the website you visit, or they could even send sensitive information to hackers. Another form of bloatware that is difficult to remove is adware. Adware is a type of advertising software that typically shows up as pop-ups or links, and it can also be associated with apps that you install from the internet.

It can be difficult to remove bloatware, and you might not realize that it has become a part of your PC. In such cases, you may need specialized software utilities that can safely remove bloatware from your PC. Many of these programs are free and can be run directly from a USB drive.

Bloatware can negatively impact performance. Devices that are bloatware-laden may take much longer to boot, have sluggish reaction times, and even have storage issues. AVG TuneUp can help you remove bloatware from your PC. This powerful software comes with dozens of optimization and cleaning features that will allow you to optimize and speed up your PC.

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